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Pigeon [Nov. 18th, 2007|12:36 am]
Irised J. Pig
[Current Location |Lost in the quicksand that is metaquotes]

This was apparently saved as a draft in here: "I'm going off lj until I manage to turn into a funtioning human being again. Yesterday councillor said to me he thought I was coping fine. As if to perversely prove him wrong, since then that I've proceeded to be insanely angry in a way I've never been before in my life."

... hoo boy, it's been a LONG time since eljay!

Anyway, so those who know me know I kind of have this thing where I keep finding these goddamn injured or orphaned birds. And if course I can't just ignore them, so oh hello again my old friends Where The Hell Is A Cardboard Box and Can You Get Some Jellimeat On The Way Home, Yes Another One, Fine Then I'll Just Get It Myself and Can I Use A Spoon As A Splint. Rinse and repeat as required. So anyway, I have this thing with birds, yes? Keep bloody turning up?
And so today I am slowly riding my horse up the road. And this pigeon flies down and lands in front of us. RIGHT in front of us. Smack bang.
I stop the horse.
The pigeon stands there. And then he very deliberately turns around and starts slowly limping across the road in front of me. Slowly. With the lame leg turned to face me. And I'm like
And he's like "Look at my injury! Look at it! I am injured!"
And I'm like "Oh WHAT IS THIS. What am I, fucking Doctor Doolittle now, you're coming to me? YOU'RE JUST FLAUNTING THIS NOW."
And then he flew away.

And that is my story.