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Irised J. Pig

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[Feb. 27th, 2007|11:04 pm]
Irised J. Pig
[Current Mood |Exhausted to delirium]

Tonight I feel that it is vitally important to tell the internet at large, or at small considering my readership, that my mouse is screwed. And buggered. And all other interestingly sexual metaphors for non-function. Yes, unfortunately for my mouse, it has not actually been lucky enough to partake in a little rumpy-pumpy with another wee grey and red morsel of software. It is just a sad and simple fact that it's on-screen pointer arrow thing has take great exception to being directed. It chooses to express this dissatisfaction by travelling in the opposite direction that the mouse goes. This is obviously stressful for the mouse pointer trekking rebelliously the wrong way across the screen like that, so it lets off tension by having a few casual epileptic fits every minute. Unfortunately, perhaps due to it's grande mal activity, it is deaf to my usual expletive-laden threats and curses. And so I shall use my tablet as a mouse, and perform even the most mundane of on-screen activities with the dramatic swooping arm movements truly befitting an artist.